Annie 2017

Starring Marcy Student Actors & Technicians

Creatively and professionally performed by Marcy Open School 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, March 8-10 and March 15-17, 2017.

Director: Jeffrey Wells
Production Manager: Katie Langemo
Musical Direction: Alicia Britton
Choreography: Trudy Monette

With a perfect combination of street-smarts and optimism, Annie warms the hearts of the audience as we witness her rise from next-to-nothing in New York City. She is determined to find her parents, who left her at the orphanage years ago. Though things don’t quite work out the way she has planned, she does manage to thwart the plans of the evil Miss Hannigan and find a new family with billionaire Oliver Warbucks, his secretary Grace Farrell, and her lovable pooch, Sandy.


ANNIE: Shamiah Brown
WARBUCKS: Beatrice Kennedy-Logan
THE GRACES: Tea Dekker and Isabella Spiess

LILLY ST. REGIS: Iris Eichinger
DRAKE: Riley Kent
BERT HEALY: Lukas Nederloe
SANDY: Aiden Zain Ruthenbeck


Orphan Ensemble:
Lily Andersen
Hanan Jahar
Meera Safford
Kinsley Wilcox
Maxine Almen
Cat Jewett
Cowan Poole
Carlos Toapante
Maggie McGee-Plouffe
Lucy Stich
Owen Benson
Natiah Day
Leo Buettner
Miguel Fresco Hanlon
Frankie Browneagle
Lillian Murphy
Maggie Miles
Finn Smith
Maya O’Brien
Annabelle M.Craves
Noah Roberg-Perez
Aliyah Minnick

Mansion Ensemble:
Drew Fischer
William Hawley
Logan Poole
Estella Jones
Leif Nelson
Ryder McClure
Aaron Jesse
Fiona Burns
Lauren Hibbard
Aurora Zeis
Charley Kern
Ava Orris
Veronica Brueggeman
Betsy Warren
Wilson Hunter
Angelina Deluney
Solveig Olsen
Emma Palmer
Malaysia Walker
Sadie Duffrin
Gabriel Eduarte
Nahil Yousuf
Olivia Mariah Ranee Rayford
Tehya Spears

Colleen Mendoza
Finn Burns
Nora Nederloe
Will Langason
Ainsleigh Jensen
Quin Mord Boyd

Cabinet Ensemble:
Ella Chmielewski
Gabriel Benson
Sharmarke Abdi
Genaro Marcatoma
Lucy Emery
Emely Guachichulca
Gwen Bubser
Marie Venberg
Kai Anderson-Lantz
Liam Burns
Ivan Brown
Amiya Delaney
Jasper Hatch-Surisook
Neiajhe Johnson
Gosha Shurkin
Cristal Kabeya