Discovering Medellín, Colombia: A Guided Tour with Pablo Ospina

This event has passed. Thank you to Pablo Ospina for allowing us to record this event for you all to enjoy!

Born and raised in Medellín, Colombia, professional tour guide Pablo Ospina will take us around to experience and understand part of the transformation that has been taking place in his hometown. You will discover how public transportation systems built with public investment and community teamwork helped the city to move forward.

Coming out of difficult times in their recent history, Pablo will talk about how the community came together to reclaim their neighborhood. Previously known as one of the most dangerous places to visit, this vibrant community is now known for its beautiful graffiti murals, street art performances, and open-air escalators. Join us as we learn about the various artists, street performers, community members and activists that are at the heart of Comuna 13, and understand why now the only risk in Colombia is wanting to stay longer or to come back.