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Our Program

Each year, Project SUCCESS motivates and inspires more than 12,000 middle and high school students in Minneapolis Public Schools to dream about their futures and helps them take steps to get there.

Hope is one of the most powerful predictors of success. It is linked consistently to improved academic performance. A student with hope has the ability to visualize the future, set goals and develop strategies to meet them, and to find and maintain the energy needed to move forward.

The foundation of our work is inspiring kids to dream, giving them hope for the future. Serving the whole child over time, from 6th through 12th grade, we help them develop the skills, support, confidence and motivation to set and achieve their goals, graduate with plans for their futures, and successfully adapt as circumstances change throughout their lives, thereby strengthening engagement in school, improving academic performance, and reinforcing positive behaviors.

Our Activities

Project SUCCESS program activities complement the work of teachers and counselors by enriching the core curriculum and creating long-term relationships with students over seven years of continuous programming. Each year, Project SUCCESS serves more than 12,000 middle and high school students in 17 Minneapolis public schools through:

Classroom Workshops

Our workshops are held monthly, from 6th through 12th grade, in each English classroom, for each student in every school, led by highly trained, Project SUCCESS facilitators using our proven, grade-specific cumulative curriculum that is integrated with the English academic curriculum and is specifically designed to help students set and achieve goals.

Custom Workshops - We also adapt our curriculum for our activities outside of the classroom, such as freshmen orientation events and student/school community-building events, and our regular out-of-school time activities such as student performances, college tours and BWCA Adventures. These workshops enhance and enrich students' experiences during these activities, making the impact on their confidence-, community-, and skill-building more meaningful.

One-on-One Planning - Finally, we meet with high school students one-on-one to help them seek the resources needed to achieve the goals the have set in our classroom workshops.

Theater Experiences

Professional theater experiences are offered to inspire and challenge students, demonstrate they are members of the community and act as a springboard for discussion in the classroom workshp and at home. We invite students and their families to at least eight performances annually at no cost to them, thanks to the generosity of our Twin Cities theater partners who donate tickets. The performances enrich students' shared family and community experiences, which can lead to more positive and supportive relationships and improved academic achievement.

Student Performances - We also offer student performance opportunities, most often a school musical. All students interested in participating are given a role. They work with professional artists and perform for their school and broader community.

Experiential Learning Activities

Project SUCCESS offers experiences outside of the classroom to help students refine their goals, build relationships, develop skills needed to plan their futures, and gain confidence in their creative thinking, decision making and resourcefulness. Examples include:

College Tours - Project SUCCESS brings high school students to an average of 40 different campuses annually, both in and out of Minnesota. We incorporate workshops to help students with their decision-making process during each tour.

BWCA Adventures - Project SUCCESS brings middle school students on a seven-day summer adventure to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness each year.