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Why Give

We are all in this together. Every member of this community is interconnected. All children need someone(s) to CARE about them, to really SEE them, to sincerely LISTEN to them. That is what Project SUCCESS does every single day for 12,000 individual kids. AND Project SUCCESS has been doing so for over 20 years. It is important work. This is why we give.” - Karla Ekdahl, Project SUCCESS Board Member and donor and Peter Hutchinson, spouse of Project SUCCESS Board Member and donor.

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Our Program Results

Project SUCCESS works. It helps support our efforts in closing the achievement gaps. We see statistically significant positive gains in on-time graduation rates, attendance and, most importantly, grade point average.
Eric Moore, Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment, Minneapolis Public Schools

Through Project SUCCESS: 

  • Students develop and take steps to achieve short-term and long-term goals. 
  • Student connect their goals and dreams with their academic behavior. 
  • Student demonstrate more connections with family, teachers, peers, and their community. 
  • Students demonstrate a better understanding of themselves.

Project SUCCESS helps students increase their engagement and achievement through: 

  • Metacognitive Skill Development: Skills like grit, perseverance, self-awareness, and goal-setting are critical to academic success and career readiness.
  • School Connectedness: Students are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors and success academically when they feel connected to school. 
  • Arts Access and Education: Students with high levels of arts involvement are significantly more likely to graduate from high school and obtain a college degree.

Project SUCCESS brings:

  • 21 years of delivering our proven programming to students in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. 
  • Proven organizational success demonstrated through our sustainable, strategic growth.
  • Proven program effectiveness shown through evaluation results.
  • Unprecedented access to each student in every partnering school in their classrooms.
  • Continuity in staff and service to students over time, up to seven years per child from 6th grade through 12th grade.
  • The demand for program expansion with a waiting list of more than 25 schools.
  • Long-term relationships with funding, theater, school, district, and community partners.
  • Award-winning and visionary leadership

Your gift will help Project SUCCESS sustain and grow the great work we do with young people and their families, help us add more schools and change more lives. It is a sound investment with tremendous return on the quality of our community for years to come.