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For Partner Teachers

Welcome to the Project SUCCESS page for our Partner Teachers in the classrooms! We are thrilled to partner with you and to continue our work with the nearly 12,000 Minneapolis and Saint Paul students at your schools. As always, we are committed to maintaining the quality of our program serving each and every one of them.

The following information is for your reference throughout the year. You will find relevent links about our program activities and staff and answers to most of teachers' frequently asked questions.

Our Program

Our program begins in 6th grade and serves students continuously through 12th grade. Through the activities listed below, students build life-skills, supportive relationships, confidence and motivation, and graduate with plans for their futures.

Goal-Setting Workshops

Each school year, our staff of professional facilitators lead monthly workshops in the classroom based on curriculum specifically developed for each grade level. The curriculum guides youth through a variety of unique exercises, experiences and discussions to help them look at their interests, their strengths and desires for their future. We depend and rely upon your relationships with the students and your role in the classroom to achieve our workshop goals:

  • We learn from your insights and expertise on the dynamics of the classroom environment.
  • We appreciate your involvement in behavior management.
  • We invite collaboration when possible to connect your classroom goals with our workshops.
  • Please let us know if there are days you are not going to be in the classroom.
  • We need a licensed teacher in the room at all times.
  • We would love to meet with you and talk about how this year is going.

More information about our Workshops can be found here:



Theater Experiences

We believe in the power of theater to illuminate the world. We use professional theater to inspire young people, demonstrate they are members of a larger community, and as a springboard for discussion in classroom workshops and at home. With the help of our Theater Partners, we offer you, your students and their families the opportunity to attend at least eight theater experiences each year at no cost. These experiences include school field trips and evening and weekend performances.

  • Each student at your school is offered up to 4 free tickets, free transportation and child care if needed to each show to which they are invited. (We need at least 2 days notice.)
  • Each core teacher is offered 2 tickets to the performances to which their students are invited. Each teacher is encouraged to attend the performances.
  • All staff will be invited to select performances through all-staff e-mails.
  • If there is a specific production from which you think your students will benefit, either through evening performances or a field trip, you can request tickets through your Project SUCCESS facilitator or email

To reserve tickets, call 612-874-7710, and click on the button below to learn more.

Theater Events

Wrap-Around Services

We are dedicated to developing and offering programming unique to the culture and needs of middle and high school students. Our wrap-around services are designed to offer students more opportunities to refine and achieve their future goals, build confidence, team-building and leadership skills, and take part in new experiences that will broaden their world-views and help them inform their futures.

For Middle School Students, we provide artist residencies, and theatrical student performances, week-long summer trips to the BWCA, and 9th grade transition experiences. Students at participating middle schools are invited to apply for the BWCA trips in March, and applications are in the main office.

For High School Students, we provide college tours, artist residencies and after-school one-on-one post-secondary planning support. Students at participating high schools are invited to register for college tours by letter to their homes, and applications are available in the main office.

Each school has a set of special programming throughout the year that is designed to meet the unique needs of its students. Please check your school page in the School Info sectionto see the programming specifically for your school. If you have an idea or a need for a special program or project, contact your Project SUCCESS facilitator.

Finally, to match the students with the best possible resources available to them in and outside of school, Project SUCCESS staff also continually surveys the resources provided by the schools and the larger community. We follow up with students to ensure they have found and used the resources available to them, in and outside of what Project SUCCESS offers, and offer further help if needed.


Learn more about Project SUCCESS' staff, board, mission, vision and values in the Who We Are section of our site.

Click on the following buttons to learn more about Project SUCCESS' outcomes from our program activities and testimonials about the impact of our work:



If you have more questions about Project SUCCESS, please contact your Project SUCCESS facilitator(s) or contact us at

Thank you for partnering with us your classroom! Together we will inspire young people, support their ambitions and assist them in preparing a clear plan for their futures beyond middle and high school.