Annick Dall

Facilitator, South High School

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Annick Dall hails from many places, but the Midwest is her home. Raised in Ohio, she trained at the Experimental Theatre Wing in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. During her time off from school, she developed and directed a summer theater camp for the kids in her neighborhood, an experience that sparked her interest in the creativity of young people, and set her on the path she’s still following today. She has performed on stages in New York, Chicago, Pittsburg, and St. Louis, and taught with Chicago Children’s Theatre, American Theater Company, and the Children’s Theatre Company here in Minneapolis. She facilitates at South and Washburn with Project Success, and has loved all the energy and inspiration she’s found from students there. Here’s to another year!

Favorite musicians:

John Darnielle, Joanna Newsom, Kendrick Lamar, Fela Kuti

If you had to pick a theme song that would play every time you entered the room, what would it be?

The Jurassic Park theme song

Favorite books:

Harry Potter books, Murakami books, really well-illustrated children’s books

Favorite movies:

The Departed, Hook, Big Fish, Adaptation

Favorite food:

Cheese, cherries, corn on the cob, ramen!

 Favorite quote:

“Earth could be fair. And you and I must be free / Not to save the world in a glorious crusade / Not to kill ourselves with a nameless gnawing pain /But to practice with all the skill of our being / The art of making possible.” (Nancy Scheibner)

Favorite subject in school:


Favorite theater experience:

The plays we put on with my theater camp in Ohio – a bunch of neighbor kids performing in a backyard, with bedsheet backdrops, for an audience of their families and friends. The sun was always setting by the end of the show and it was total magic.

Your ultimate vacation destination:

Barcelona… or Japan… or the UP in Michigan…

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?


The most influential person in your life/favorite teacher or mentor:

My family

What you wanted to be when you grew up:

A librarian