We thank our generous donors for believing in what we do. Their support allows us to live out our mission of inspiring students – not telling them who they are or what they should do, but gently nurturing their own self-understanding and life direction. We know it makes a difference. We know each gift makes a difference. Thank you for helping kids’ dreams come true.

The list below recognizes those individuals who made grants and gifts between July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019.

Founding Partners

Lifetouch Inc. • The Guthrie Theater • North Community High School • Anwatin Middle School



Nancy and Rolf Engh Richard Erickson
David Hartwell in memory
of Lucy Hartwell
Margaret V.B. Wurtele


($10,000 – $24,999)

Anonymous (1)
Julie Allinson and Paul Erickson
Julia W. Dayton
Karla Ekdahl and Peter Hutchinson
Lili Hall Scarpa
Michael Peterman and David Wilson
Mary and Paul Reyelts
Julie and Charlie Zelle


($5,000 – $9,999)

Anonymous (1)
John and Ruth Bergerson Family
Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Steve
and Susan Boren King
Jodi Brendel
Brendel Family Fund, a Donor
Advised Fund of Renaissance
Charitable Foundation
Jim Diracles and Debi Weldele*
Joan R. Duddingston
Elise Linehan and Dan Sass Todd and
Laurie Macgregor
Mary McVay
Sue Mortensen
Monica Nassif
Julie Owen and Diane Holland*
Darryle and Dawn Owens


($2,500 – $4,999)

Anonymous (1)
Timothy J. Anderson
Susan Azar
Stacy Bee and Jerry Johnson Burdick Family
Fund of The
Minneapolis Foundation
Camille A. Burke
Jamie and Boyd Candee
Kippen and K.C. Chermak
Missy Durant and Samantha
Hanson Richard Fleder
Ron and Barb Fraboni Family Fund Sarah
and Fred Haberman
Marcia Hanson and David Bennett
Penny Hunt
Chris Keane & Harlan Limpert Kathy and
Al Lenzmeier Robert and Mary Mersky
Dr. Ronald Morton, Jr., MD John Pershing and
Travis Cinco Wendy and Bill Schoppert*
Kevin and Sarah Shriver Family
Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
John L. Sullivan Fund of The
Minneapolis Foundation Carol and Lynn Truesdell
Marcia Wattson


($1,000 – $2,499)

Anonymous (5)
Jerry Baack
Liz Barrere and Dennis Cass
Maureen Bazinet Beck and Peter Beck
Mary and Keith Bednarowski
Stacy and David Best
Rachel Breaux
Amanda and Michael Brinkman
Brendan Bujold and Spencer Cronk
Camille A. Burke
Kevin and Cathy Cavanaugh
Shelli Chase
Julie Corty
Lisa Cotter
Courtney Cushing Kiernat and RB Kiernat
Joan R. Duddingston
Alan and Lollie Eidsness
Lucas Erickson
Jim and Chris Freytag
Cynthia Froid
Joe Gibbons and John Cullen
Moira Grosbard
Betsy Hannaford
Marcia Hanson and David Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Harrigan
Cheryl and Mark Heley
The Harold & Joan Johnson Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of
Renaissance Charitable Foundation in honor of Jane Pena
Chris Keane
Kelly Kita
Kumagai Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
DJ and Jerry Lester
Sarena Lin
Judy and Malcolm W. McDonald Family Charitable Account
Jennifer Melin Miller and David Miller
Ann and Alfred Moore
JoAnn Neau
Kim and Stafford Nelson
Win and Christie Neuger
Andrew Ogg
Julie Owen and Diane Holland
Chris and Kelly Perry
Lars Peterssen and R.D. Zimmerman
Tad and Cindy Piper Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Gretchen Piper and Scott Rosenbaum
Shannon Plourde
Martha Pomerantz
Irene Quarshie
Ann Rainhart and Jason Digman
Remele Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Jack and Ede Rice
Jody Rodrigues
The Steve Euller and Nancy Roehr Family Charitable Fund
Ann and Darren Ruschy
The David S. Sanborn Gift Fund
Liza Sayre*
Wendy and Bill Schoppert*
Agnes Semington
Marilyn Shultz
Kimberlee Sinclair and Justin Caron
Jesse & Linda Singh
Lana and Andy Slavitt
Steve and Karen Sonnenberg
Jim and Jan Stephenson
Darin Sullwold
Joanne Von Blon
Katrina and Ben Wasscher
Suzanne Weinstein and Danny Levey
The Weiser Family Foundation on behalf of Irving &
Marjorie Weiser
Charlotte Zelle
Andris A. Zoltners


($500 – $999)

Anonymous (2)
Ashley Adkison and John Anderson*
Jennifer Alstad
Lisa and Kevin Armstrong
Alex Bisanz
Gina and Jim Blayney
Karen Bowie
Ellen and Jan Breyer
Jane Bromaghim
Robert Bruininks and Susan Hagstrum
Tyrone and Delia Bujold Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Kathy Cahill
Pam Endean and Colleen Carey
Kara Carlisle*
Laura Cayere-King and Joseph King
Ann and Bruce Christensen
Michael and Anita Cook
Lucilla Davila
Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton
Martha Dayton & Tom Nelson
Thomas J. DeAngelo
Jeff Donnay
Ernest and Mary Dorn
Krista and Carlos Eduarte
John F. Eisberg and Susan Kline
Charitable Fund of The Minneapolis
Heather Eisenmenger
Lucas Erickson
Bev and Don Forsman
Lawrence Hendrickson and Barbara
Jill and Sherwood Frey Charitable Fund
Cynthia Froid Group
Martha Gabbert
Karen Grabow and Keith Halperin
Susan and Jim Grahek
Rehael Fund – Roger Hale/Nor
Hall of The Minneapolis Foundation
Martha Head in memory of Will Fetzer
Wendy Helberg
Rudy Hernandez
Emily Hutchinson and Brent Lamm
Debra Hyllested*
Liz Illgen
Marianne and Philip Kanning Family
Charitable Fund
Laura Kinkead and Richard Neuner
Robin Krause
Jack and Julie Linehan
Dave and Peggy Lucas
Denise and Bill Lynch
Lucy C. Mitchell
Charles and Jodee Montreuil
Michael Morris
Kimpa Moss
JoAnn Neau
Ann R. Olberding
Louise Otten
Anne Paape
Jon Peterson
Susan and David Plimpton
Peggy and Ed Pluimer
Paula Prahl
Alicia and Travis Radel
Binky and Win Rockwell
Bob Rosenbaum and Maggie Gilbert
Megan O’Hara and R.T. Rybak
Carol Rueppel
Rachael Scherer
Buddy Scroggins and Kelly Shroeder
Agnes Semington
Stan and Lucy Shepard
Wendy and Jay Showalter
Lana and Andy Slavitt
Susan Smoluchowski
Bill and Roxanne Soth
Issara Srun and Nancy Ho
John and Sue Stillman
Robin Stubblefield or Vitalize
Consulting LLC
Kay Touchette
Alison Townley
Mark and Kathy Valentine*
Hedy Lemar Walls
Carlene Wilson
Penny Winton


($250 – $499)

Anonymous (11)
Jeffery Alspaugh
Mark Anderson
Ann Aronson and Jack El-Hai
Dan Avchen and David Johnson

Karen Bachman
Carole and Doug Baker
Susan Bass Roberts
Doug and Colleen Berto in honor
of Elise Linehan
Tish Bolger and Debra Broderick
Deb and Chris Brandt
Elia and Mark Bruggeman
Teri Calderon
Maria Antonia Calvo and Steven
Lynn Casey and Mike Thornton
Robert Castle
Maria Christu
Colleen Cooper and Richard Ihrig
John and Gretchen Corkrean
Matt Cummins
Ted and Carol Cushmore Family Fund
of The Minneapolis Foundation
Matthew Delfino
Kate and Douglas Donaldson
Angela and Duchesne Drew Dave and Pat Drew
Ed and Carrie Erickson
David E. Feinberg
Charles and Anne Ferrell
Natalie and Mike Fogal*
Jim Dorsey and Dee Gaeddert William Fetzer** and Gordon Gandy
David and Clo Mary Girk
Susie and Hal Goldstein
Jane P. Gregerson
Robert and Kimberly Gregg
Andrea Gronberg
Jodi Grundyson
Lucy and Jeff Heegaard Nicole Hittner
Seena Hodges and Ansa Akyea
Anne Hodgson
Dorothy J. Horns and James P.
Richardson Family Foundation Kathy and Bryce Huemoeller
Jill and Joerg Hutmacher
Paul Johansen
Marcia Peck and David Kamminga
Hugh Klein
Sally Kling
Starla Krause
PK Kriha
Karl Lambert
Shirley Lerner
Jim and Sandi Likely
Martha and Ted Lofstrom
Katie McClarty
Jane McCrossan in memory of
Lucy Hartwell
Matt and Christine McEwen Meghan McGrann and
Chris Lawrence
David and Leni Moore Family
Sheila C. Morgan
Jeff and Jennifer Murray
Michael and Debra Newman
Jodi and Mark Olson Faye Owen
Sue and Bill Payne Terril Peterson
Alan Polsky
Curtis Rahman and Cindy Jurgensen
Carleen Rhodes
Kate and Mike Richardson
Jody Rodrigues*
Michelle Rutledge*
Liza Sayre*
Thomas L. Schaefer
Erika and Kristopher Schafbuch
Alyssa Schneider and Jason Hilton
Sarah Schneider
Jeffrey and Heather Shelstad
Gloria and Phillip Smith in memory
of Lucy Hartwell
Nadege Souvenir and Joshua Dorothy
Craig Swaggert and Tanna Moore
Tanya Tanner
Mary and Scott Thomas
Susan and Gerald Timm
Paula Vesely
Ann S. Voss
Joe and JoAnn Ward
Minnie and Maurice Weisberg Family
Foundation Fund
The Kate Wolford Charitable Fund
of InFaith Community Foundation
Deb and Larry York


($100 – $249)

Anonymous (29)
Carolyn Aberman
Sharon and Robert Aho Judy and Bill Anderson Georgene and James Angrist
Howard Ansel
Dale and Ruth Bachman
Lauren Baker
James and Gail Bakkom
Keith Bares in honor of Lucy Hartwell Linda and
Robert Barrows
Jessica Bartell
Jane Berg
Peg Birk
Catherine Bitzan Amundsen
Jane Blanch
Bill Bloedow and Jim Lewis
Linda and Philip Boelter
Angela Bohmann and Jonathan Riehle
Marylynn Boone**
Celia Boren
Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde
Timothy Ung and Freida Bou
Margee and Will Bracken
Christine Bray
Chad Brown and Monty D. Smith
Kristen Brown
Peter and Ellen Brown
Philip and Carolyn Brunelle
Anne Carayon and Daniel Pennie
Sarah Caruso
Steven Christenson and Lisa Hondros
Megan Chung
Whitney and Sarah Clark
David and Wendy Coggins
Peg and Frantz Corneille
Jeanne Corwin
Ginny and Will Craig
Ellie Crosby
Tom and Barb Datwyler
Phillip Davis
Jim Davnie and Cara Letofsky
Susan and Jeffrey Dean
Mike and Bobbi Deeney
Mary Dew and David Miller
Cynthia Dilliard
Kevin and Beth Dooley Ed and Michelle Driscoll Julie DuBois
Clare Eisenberg
Robert Elhai
Susan S. Enlow
Dawn Erickson
Lisa Erickson
Scott and Ann Fairbairn Ellen C. Flaherty
Meg Forney
Jacque and Ron Frazzini
Lindsey Frey Palmquist
Lara Friedman-Shedlov
Fred and Marie Friswold
Jim Brandt and Kathryn Fuger
Jill and David Funck*
Richard and Delia Garcia
Gerald and Carol Gengenbach
Joan Gilmore
Mimi Gleekel
Isabel Gomez
Tasha Gordon-Jackson
Carol Grady
Mark and Julia Grim
Dr. Stanley and Luella Goldberg
Bryce and Donna Hamilton
Dustin Macgregor and Richard
Hannah Bethany Hansen
Bill and Helen Hartfiel
Michael Friedman and Susan Hasti
Liz and Van Hawn
George A. Headrick, Jr.
Emily and Chris Heagle
Jody Hilgers
Bev Hlavac
Dennis and Linda Hollenkamp
Mary Hoopman
Pat Hoven
Courtney Howard
George and Rose Hudgens
The Jaffe Family Foundation in honor
of John Pershing and Nyla Benson
Patricia Jesperson
David and Sara Jewett Fund
Debby and Ted Jewett
Jeff Johnson
Sara Johnson
Jody Jonas
Miriam and Erwin Kelen*
Susan F. Kettering
Karen Kilsdonk
Lyndel and Blaine King Fund
Margee and Bob Kinney
Trisha Kirk
Terry and Liz Knight
Doug Muirhead and Faye Knowles
Cathy Konat
Katherine Kornblum
Diane Kozlak
Lorna Landvik and Charles Gabrielson
Jennifer Lang
Terri Lange
Jerre S. Leary
Joyce Lehmann and Wayne Roelofs
Gwen Leifeld
Libbey Foundation
Jay and Sally Lieberman
Alissa Light
David Logan
Ann Longfellow
Cathy Madison and Rick Dublin
Anne Madyun
Chrissie Mahaffy
Jeanne Massey
Massie Family in Honor of JoAnn Neau
Mary McCarron
Cristy McCoy
Deborah and Donald McCoy
Deborah McMahon
Jeffrey Meanza
Michael Mechtenberg
Karen Melby
Kevin Meyer*
Maureen Michalski and Jeff Nelsen
Kerri Miller
Sarah Milligan-Toffler in memory
of Lucy Hartwell
Jodeen Monson
Jim and Shari Moore
LaVonne Moore
Matthew Moore
Diane Mountford*
Katherine B. Murphy
Adam Nathe
Dana Nelson
Rachel Neverman
Elinor K. Ogden
Elise Odgen
Joan Grathwol Olson
Micaela Olson-Macgregor and
Ryan Macgregor
Kathy Palmer and Jack Harness
Tim and Sandra Penny
Heidi A. Peterson
Kristi Pierro
Gretchen Piper and Scott Rosenbaum
Deborah Pollak
Mark and Julia Price
Dan and Molly Prokott
Anne Pryor
Laura Quidgley-Hritz
Lisa M. Ramirez
Luther Ranheim
Abe Rezai
Jack and Ede Rice
Suzanne and Samuel Ridenour*
Katherine Riggins
Amy and Robert Rimington
Beverly and George Roberts
Lauri Roberts
Diane Robinson
Chris Roelofs
Bob and Ilana Rouda

Kimberly Rowe and Melissa Butts
Harvey and Sharon Ann Rucker
Kathy Rumpza
Sara Sampson
Nancy Schapiro
Phil and Susan Schenkenberg
Anne Schulze
Corey Sevett and Sue Courchene
Tim and Abbey Showalter-Loch
Dan and Margaret Shulman
Susan and William Simmonds
Sandy Simmons
Brooks and Jennifer Smith
Julie Snow-Samanant
Bonnie Speer McGrath
Elizabeth Spillman
Pamela Stegora Axberg and
Joe Axberg*
Ali Stieglbauer
Janell and Bruce Siegfried
Brooke Story
Marcia and John Stout
Ed Stubblefield and Julie Christle
in memory of Evelyn Christle
Sheldon Sturgis
Deborah Talen
Hazel B. Tanner
Laura Tarnowski
Margaret Telfer and Ed McConaghay
D. Thayer-Peterson
Lily Thiboutot
Missy Staples Thompson
Jean Thomson
Jon Tollefson
Janet Ungs
The Voss Family
Bobby Wangaard
Katherine Ware
Tammy Warren
Mona and Ben Welter
Dan Weston
Wendy Wicks
Jessica Wiley
Pat Winkie
Carol Witte and Winston Cavert Pamela Woodward
Ingrid Youmans
E. Young Isebrand


($1 – 99)

Anonymous (83)
Sabina Abasov
Susan Abderholden and Lee Keller
Susan Alpert
Alexander Altman
Laurie and John Andersen
Lisa Anderson
David and Margaret Anderson Kelliher
Corey Anthony
Jan Antrim
Abby Baier
Andrea J. Baker
Juan Ball
Barbara Battin**
Joan Bechtold and Brian Balleria
Sheri Beck
Fred Beier
Geraldine Bingham
Connie Blom
Frances Boehnlein
Maria Bollensen
Lois Bollman
Jeff Bowar
Patty Bowler
Mary Bowman
Elizabeth Boyle
Devin R. Braatz
Lynn Brigham
Charlene Briner
Sue Budd
Ann P. Buran
Kenneth Burke
Mary Burns-Klinger
John Burton
Camille Calderaro
Rolf and Rosemary Carlsen
Lauren Carter
Mykenna and Annetta Cepek
Sai Chang
Christopher A. Cheney
Colleen Clark Willis
Martha Coughlan
Thomaas Cronmiller
Terrell Daniels
Lindsey Day
Claudia Dengler
Michael and Michelle DeVaughn
David Differding
Jonathan Ditlevson
Graham Earley
Karen Ekdahl
Larry Flessland
William Floyd
Mavis Fossum
Marta Fraboni
Patricia Frasher
Lindsay Frederickson
Gail Fridlund
Michael and Kathi Furey
Jodi Garber
Nancy Gardner Stephen Geiger
Mary Gibney
Ophir Gilad
Jan Gohl
Danielle Grant
Lauren Hagen
Chuck and Lois Halberg
Suzanne Hanle
Jeanne M. Harkness
Daniel and Sharon Hartley
Maureen Hartman
Margaret Hasse
Bennett-Hays Family
Tricia Hendren and Zeb Henderson
Patty and Gregg Hickey
Jenny Holman
Jim and Julie Holmes
Chris Fisher and Patty Hoolihan
Dan Huynh and An Le
Reid Isberg
Elizabeth Jaap
Curt and Carol Johnson
Laura Johnson
Caitlin Jones
Catherine Jordan and Steve Lick
Barbara Kane
Maggie Kane
Marilynn Kaplan
Patrick Karr
Cynthia L. Kelly
Creighton King
Tina Kingery in memory of Will Fetzer
Janean Kleist
Kaitlyn Knapp
Julie Knoblauch
Sarah Knoblauch
Stephen and Mary Kodluboy
Mary T. Kokernot
Sarah Krogstad
Craig Lapsley
Pamela R. Lary
Rebecca Jean Lawrence
Laurie and David Linnes-Bagley
Julia Mann
Christopher J. Martin
Elizabeth McCray
Lisa McLean and Michael Dennis
Alana C. McQuirter
Frederick Melo
Kate and Chloe Meredith
John L. Michael and Berit Midelfort
Louise Miles
Andrea Mokros
Carol Monson
Bonnie Morris and Dean Holzman
Danica Natoli*
Amanda Nelson
Sandra Ness
Sally and Doug Neverman
Margaret Nichols
Jess Norman
Christina Oey
Michele A. OKane
Heather Olson
James Paddon
Joseph F. Palen
Joan E. Palmquist
Kate and Dave Palmquist
Sarah Parker
Sue Parker
Jay Peterson
Robyn Peterson and John Killam
Benjamin Pierson
Carol Pine
Lisa Pogoff and Jeff Zuckerman
Teddie Potter in memory of Lucy Hartwell
Nancy Power in memory of Lucy Hartwell
Tim Quigley
Brent Ras
Carly Rasmussen
Kristin E. Anderson and Robert
W. Reilly
Christian Rekow
Mahtab Rezai
Leah Rickert
Marie Rickmyer
Bruce Robbins
W.P. and Nancy Rodman
Ellie Rogers
Dylan and Angeleen Rohda
Hannah Rosebrock
Lawrence Salzman
Gabriel Sandholm
Ann Sather
Hana Sato
Joseph Schaefbauer
Annette Schiebout
Walter J. Schleisman and Elizabeth
F. Larsen
Dianne Schmiesing and Victor Zupanc
Philip Schwartzberg
Anne Seaquist
Linda Shapiro
Maryam Shapland
Barbara Shelton
Mark & Patti Siegfried
Jenella R. Slade
Sharae Sledge
Leslie Rapp and Walton Stanley
Adele and Tim Starr
Claire Stokes
Kathleen Stone
Joan and Richard Strand in memory
of Lucy Hartwell
Lori Sturdevant and Martin Vos
Sue and Harry Summitt
Lori Swanke
Jean Swanson and Kevin Proescholdt
Theresa Sweetland
Jessica Tabbutt
Karen Tangen
Linda Taylor
David Lauth and Lindsey Thomas Eva and Andrew Timmons
Jane and Andrew Townsend
Rachel and Mitchell Trockman
Charitable Gift Fund
Jeremy Nichols and Evelyn Turner
Leif Ueland
John and Mary Ursu
Lisa Visser
Theresa Voss
Luke Wagner
Michael and Joy Walker
Ellen and John Walthour
Justin and Paige Ware
E. Weilandgruber
Marybeth Weisberg
Robbie Weisel and Britt Robson Michael Welch and Elaine
Amanda Welters
Katie White
Rose Yackley
Michael Henley and Randi Yoder
Andrea Zibble
Ron Ziols

*Includes matching gifts
**Indicates deceased


* includes matching gifts
** indicates deceased

If you made a donation during this time and do not see your name, please accept our apologies for the inadvertent omission and contact Emily Heagle in the Development Office at (612)874-0776 or

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