Annual Report

Our Program 2019-20


Project Success motivates and inspires young people to dream about the future, helps them take steps to get there and gives them the tools they need to achieve their goals.


Every child entering middle school will graduate high school with a plan for their future and have the skills and confidence that will take them through the rest of their lives.


Since 1994, Project Success has helped 100,000 students dream big and dig deep into discovering their potential through a proven model of experiential learning. Beginning in 6th grade and continuing through 12th grade, our caring professional staff support and engage students inside and outside their classrooms with the following program components:

Curriculum: Clear developmental objectives for students are built into each experience.

Arts: Theater is a powerful way to inspire self-expression, connection, and discussion.

Expeditions: Local-to-global expeditions inspire growth, discovery, and open doors to possibility.

Certificates: Students develop skills, knowledge, and career options in key subjects.

Together, these components — delivered within Project Success’ proven methodology — inspire thousands of students each year to dream big, ignite possibilities and grow into inspired individuals ready for success.


90% of teachers report that Project Success helps students to be better problem solvers, self-aware of their strengths, more motivated to succeed, and to set goals for the future.

90% of students report that Project Success helps them think about their futures, set goals, and create a plan for after graduation.

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