From the Director and the Board

“Project SUCCESS has allowed me to become who I am and allowed me to stay true to myself.”
Kassra Taghizadeh, Project SUCCESS student

We are here because we believe in young people and the power they have within themselves to create successful happy lives. It is our job to help them ignite that power, and we are as passionate about the work as we have ever been.

Every day – in and outside of school – we ask our Project SUCCESS students to answer questions such as, “Who Am I? What am I doing? What do I want to do in the world? What am I doing today that’s impacting my future?” We provide them with opportunities, support, and the space to learn more about themselves and utilize their own potential to achieve their dreams.

Project SUCCESS is working to deepen and double our impact. We are innovating our proven model to offer more opportunities, and serving more students and families. With each new initiative we have tested, developed, and expanded, we have relied on our strategy of dreaming big, planning, utilizing resources effectively, and most importantly, love. Love is the key to it all.

All the issues we are dealing with today – health care, climate change, education disparity, racism, violence, or poverty – our students have shown us the solution. It’s ‘support me, love me, do good quality work, do what you say you’re going to do, and let me succeed.’ Kids feel that, they take it in, and it makes a difference.

They have hope. They see the connection between their choices today, and their dreams for their futures. They plan, they act, and they succeed. We have seen this for 24 years.

Our partners, families and supporters have been a huge part of making this happen and together, we can make an even greater impact. If every young person had these opportunities and felt supported, respected, with a sense of belonging along the way, they would make more conscious decisions about their futures. They would be happier, and the world would be a better place.

We thank our supporters for their contributions of time, resources, and energy that help us to provide the kinds of quality experiences and love our children need to grow into inspired individuals ready for success.

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Annual Report 2016-17

Adrienne Diercks
Founder & Executive Director

Ann Ruschy
Board Chair