From the Director and the Board


Connecting students to their purpose for 26 years.

In 1994, Project Success set forth with a promise – a promise of putting kids first, providing access to opportunities of excellence, to be there for students – no matter what. This school year was a year unlike any other, challenging each of us in deep and varied ways. From facing a global pandemic that changed where, when, and how our students learn, to our community mourning and uniting for racial equity and justice, it has been a year of growth, challenge, and change for all of us.

Thanks to our long-term relationships, deep partnerships, the generosity of our community, and our team’s ambition and commitment – Project Success didn’t miss a beat in being there for our students and families. Students continue to need connection, joy, and a focus on planning for their futures and we pivoted in the quickly changing environment with thoughtfulness and urgency to continue to deliver on our mission.

Our staff created new and exciting programming that is engaging, enriching, and entertaining and meets the realities of our students’ changing environments. We continue to listen to the needs of our school communities and work to build the relationships, connections, and space for dreaming and planning for students. Space that is not only valuable, but imperative in this time. We are here for students, helping them connect to their purpose and to find belonging, community, and motivation to achieve their dreams.

This annual report covers a defining moment in time, people, and stories for Project Success as we look back on the 2019-2020 school year. It reflects back to when we were in classrooms and communities in fall and winter, and looks at how we innovated to connect to students at home in the spring and summer. We are excited to share the stories of people, who like you, have a passion for supporting our mission with our students and families.

We could not have met the challenges of this year without the support of thoughtful and generous partners, families, and supporters like you. It is through our relationships that we continue to bring love, belonging, and opportunity to our students, families, and community. We are Project Success, WE ARE HERE, and we are in this together. Thank you.

Gratefully, Adrienne and Todd

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Adrienne Diercks
Founder & Executive Director

Todd Macgregor

Todd Macgregor
Board Chair