From the Director and the Board

“Project Success makes you feel like you are capable of anything, and you have cheerleaders to support you on your journey. It is a real community and they will welcome you in for a lifetime.”
Julia Mann, Project Success alumna, Anwatin Middle and South High

Connecting students to their purpose for 26 years.

Project Success was born in 1994 because we saw an opportunity to help more young people thrive in life and prepare for their futures. Over time, our team has established a proven model of innovative experience learning that has transformed thousands of students’ lives.

26 years later, more than 100,000 students have benefitted from our program. We have strong, clear outcomes to prove this is a model that works – increased graduation rates, GPAs, and all-around academic performance. We must do more for our students and families, continuing to innovate our programming and involve more students, because we know this work is important.

Our students need us. They need as many caring adults in their lives as possible and access to experiences that help them see a clear connection between school and their future careers. They need support to build social and emotional skills for a successful transition to adulthood.

Our schools need us. They need strong, proven partnerships to support every student’s career, post-secondary school exploration and preparedness for life after high school. Our schools continue to give us access to class time for workshops, expeditions, and arts, because they understand the power of our programming in reaching their students.

Our economy needs us. We need young people preparing for the workforce – exploring a wide range of career paths while still in high school and building skills that will fill tomorrow’s jobs.

Each of the experiences we offer to students – whether workshops, expeditions, the arts, or certificates – is designed with a curriculum that inspires students to dream big, ignite possibility, and grow exponentially. With 26 years of data, we know that Project Success is advancing self-fulfilling futures for youth.

You – our partners, families, and supporters – have helped Project Success become a leader in innovative experience learning, taking action for our students this past year, for the last 26 years, and expanding our program for more students well into the future.

This report shares our impact and activities over the past fiscal year. It also shares the names of the hundreds of supporters who helped make this all possible. Just think of what we could all do together in the years to come. For the economy, for our schools, and most importantly, for our students. Thank you.

Adrienne & Jody

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Adrienne Diercks
Founder & Executive Director

Jody Rodrigues
Board Chair